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Practice GUJCET Free Mock Tests through Freshersnow.com. We have provided GUJCET mock tests in the English language. These GUJCET mock tests are created by subject matter experts.

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Buy All GUJCET Tests @ ₹ 49.00

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180 Days ₹ 49.00 Buy Now

About GUJCET Mock Test

Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) is an entrance examination conducted by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) for admission to various engineering and pharmacy programs in colleges across Gujarat. To prepare for the exam, candidates can take GUJCET mock tests.

GUJCET mock tests are simulated tests that replicate the actual exam environment, including the format, difficulty level, and time constraints. Mock tests are available online and offline, and candidates can choose the mode of their preference. Online mock tests provide the added advantage of instant feedback, detailed performance analysis, and personalized recommendations based on the candidate's performance. Offline mock tests are also useful, especially for candidates who prefer pen-and-paper mode.

GUJCET Mock Test: Overview

Authority Name Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board
Exam Gujarat Common Entrance Test
Level of Exam State Level
Category Mock Tests, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern
Admission offered Degree in Engineering, Diploma/ Degree in Pharmacy
Selection Process Based on a Written Exam.
Official Website gseb.org

Important Features of the GUJCET Mock Test:

GUJCET mock test can be a great way to prepare for the actual exam. It can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, reduce exam anxiety, and improve your time management skills. By practicing with mock tests, you can increase your chances of scoring well in the actual exam and securing admission to your desired course.

  • The Mock Tests are available in English language for the candidate's convenience.
  • The performance summary of the mock tests along with the solutions & explanations is also provided at the end of each GUJCET mock test.

Why should you take the GUJCET mock test?

Taking mock tests regularly can help candidates improve their time management skills, speed, accuracy, and overall performance. It can also help candidates reduce their exam anxiety and boost their confidence level. Candidates can analyze their performance in the mock tests and work on their weak areas to improve their scores.

GUJCET mock tests cover the entire syllabus of the exam, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. The mock tests consist of multiple-choice questions and are designed to provide a real-time experience of the actual exam. Candidates should aim to complete the mock tests within the stipulated time to get an accurate assessment of their preparation.

What are the Advantages of Taking the GUJCET Mock Test?

Familiarity with Exam Pattern: The GUJCET mock test can give you an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions that can be expected in the actual exam. This will help you to manage your time effectively and answer questions more efficiently.

Identifying Weaknesses: Taking the mock test can help you identify areas where you need to focus more on studying. By analyzing your performance in the mock test, you can find out which topics you are weak in and need more practice.

Reducing Exam Anxiety: Taking a mock test can help reduce exam anxiety by giving you a feel of the actual exam environment. It can help you feel more comfortable and confident during the actual exam.

Time Management: The GUJCET mock test can help you develop time management skills. You can practice answering questions within a stipulated time, which will help you to manage your time better during the actual exam.

Better Preparation: The mock test can be a valuable tool for better preparation. By taking the mock test, you can practice answering questions in a timed environment, which can help you identify areas that need improvement and help you develop effective study strategies.

GUJCET Mock Test: Exam Pattern





Paper 1



120 Minutes



Paper 2



60 Minutes

GUJCET  Mock Test: Syllabus

GUJCET Syllabus Physics

  1. Electric Charge & Electric Field
  2. Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance
  3. Current Electricity
  4. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
  5. Magnetism & Matter
  6. Electromagnetic Induction
  7. Alternating Current
  8. Electro-Magnetic Waves
  9. Wave Optics
  10. Ray Optics
  11. Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
  12. Atoms
  13. Nucleus
  14. Semi-Conductor Electronics
  15. Communication System

GUJCET Syllabus Chemistry

  1. State of Matter
  2. Solutions
  3. Electrochemistry
  4. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  5. P-Block Elements – II
  6. Halo Alkanes and Halo Arenes
  7. Alcohols
  8. Phenols and Ethers
  9. Chemical
  10. Surface Chemistry
  11. f Block Elements
  12. Complex Salts or Co-ordination Compound
  13. Aldehydes
  14. Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  15. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
  16. Biomolecules
  17. Polymers
  18. Chemistry in Everyday Life

GUJCET Syllabus Mathematics

  1. Permutation & Combination
  2. Probability
  3. Sets, Relations & Functions
  4. Theory of Equations
  5. Three Dimensional Geometry
  6. Vectors
  7. Complex Numbers
  8. Definite Integration
  9. Indefinite Integration
  10. Limit
  11. Matrices Determinants


1) What is a GUJCET mock test?

Ans: A GUJCET mock test is a practice exam that simulates the actual GUJCET exam. It includes questions similar to those that will be asked on the real exam, and allows you to practice and prepare for the exam in a test-like environment.

2) Why should I take a GUJCET mock test?

Ans: Taking a GUJCET mock test can help you prepare for the actual exam by familiarizing yourself with the exam format and types of questions that will be asked. It can also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and areas that need more practice.

3) Where can I find GUJCET mock tests?

Ans: You can find GUJCET mock tests online on various websites or coaching institute portals. You can also find mock tests in study materials or books specifically designed for GUJCET preparation.

4) How many mock tests should I take?

Ans: It is recommended to take as many mock tests as possible to maximize your preparation. At least 5-6 mock tests should be taken before the actual exam to get a good understanding of the exam format and improve your speed and accuracy.

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